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Start by pressing the F3-button and start typing the name of the cover you're looking for. You only do this once for each set of covers for an individual recording, since CoverSetup automatically finds the matching BackCover and Label! The Fronts, Backs and Labels don't even have to be located in the same folder...!!

Press the F8-button to add the images to the tasklists. Repeat the F3 (search) and F8 (add) until all the covers have been found. Press the print-icon and then: You grap a cup of coffee, while your printer prints ALL the Covers you have chosen!

The lists are filtered so that only relevant files are displayed in each list - i.e. only FrontCovers in the top-most list, only BackCovers in the list at the buttom, and only Labels in the LabelPrinter window. The File-filters makes it so; that only files of interest are shown in each list!

Find new images on the internet and drag them directly into CoverSetup's Drag&Drop window! And enjoy CoverSetup's continuous development without any effort, since CoverSetup automatically prompts you "Do you wish to update now?" when new versions are released. 

Now CoverSetup has arrived in version 6 - again with LOTS of new exiting features; Now we've added Drag & Drop features for draging images directly into CoverSetup (ex.: from your browser), and an AutoUpdate feature!!!

Walk through our extensive CoverSetup 2000 OnlineINFO - to see the features within CAVIONE's world of CoverSetup 2000!!!

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